Donate through Richland Gives for Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, November 27 is Giving Tuesday. To make your money go further, we encourage you to donate through Richland Gives during this exciting event.

Donations through Richland Gives started counting on Nov. 1. We’d encourage everyone, however. to give during the exciting Giving Tuesday event on Nov. 27 when advantageous bonuses can be earned. Richland Gives only accepts credit card donations. If you’d prefer to write a check, an LCC board member will be happy to deposit your check in the LCC account to be applied during the event.

This is a very exciting event for the many worthy nonprofits in Richland County, and you will find your Lucas Community Center working hard to provide a place for our residents and the surrounding area to gather for fellowship, education, and recreation.

Please join us to celebrate this wonderful place in the small community with a BIG heart.

Help the Lucas Community Center go for gold.