About Us

The Lucas Community Center is a 7,000 sq. ft. building on approximately four acres in the village of Lucas Ohio with a desire to provide a physical place to share the joy of Christ through service to the community.

The LCC currently hosts a House of Prayer, the L.A.M.A. Food Pantry, Open Door Café, a common dining area, volleyball courts, and a fellowship hall for rentals, with plans to house latchkey kids’ activities and various counseling services.



We hope to offer assistance on the various needs of the local community such as food, clothing, counseling, youth programs, elder assistance and more.


Offer various opportunities to help educate the community on a wide variety of topics such as personal finance, computers, cell phones, health, and domestic relations.


Lucas Community Center provides a number of activities that encourage the community to gather such as volleyball, movie nights, meetings and social events. The restaurant also provides a place for the community to gather daily.

Ideally, the community center will become a home of hope, joy, and peace, experienced through acts of selfless giving and love to others.

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