The former Liquid buildingThe idea of creating a community center for the village of Lucas was born in 2007. A couple of members of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church conceived the idea of LAMA (Lucas Are Ministerial Association) developing an NFP corporation with the intent of purchasing the old Liquid facility and turning it into a multi-faceted community center. A meeting was held in April of 2008 with representatives of LAMA to explore this idea. For several reasons, including inadequate financial resources, nothing materialized from this meeting. However, discussions occurred over the following months surrounding the idea of creating a community center. Finally Mt. Zion appointed an ad hoc committee to explore this concept further. Over the next couple years, at various times the building was for sale, it was not for sale, it was going to be converted to office space, it was going to be leased, etc. However, this committee was determined to find a way to make this happen.

The sale of the buildingThe committee then reached out to a local community member to help broker the deal. In 2010, this individual made an offer to purchase the property from the bank that ultimately acquired the facility through foreclosure and the waiting began.  Then, in August of 2011, the Lucas Community Center Corporation was formed. The goal remained to purchase the old Liquid facility and turn it into a community center – but now, rather than a church committee, an independent non-profit corporation was striving to achieve this goal. After over two more years of waiting, the bank finally agreed to sell the property to the corporation, and in November of 2013, the sale was consummated.The November meeting

The trustees of the original board resigned in a November 2013 meeting to allow for the election of new trustees with a new mission – to turn the property into a community center.

After nearly two years of monthly meetings, a local community member donated more than $100,000, kickstarting the renovations and putting the final goal in sight. With the ball now rolling, LCC received donations of $1,000 or more from over 60 donors. On May 5, 2016, the vision finally became a reality as the Lucas Community Center opened its doors for the National Day of Prayer.

Front of the LCC

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